Pipe Bending
Hızlanlar's production department has been divided into three separate areas as CNC Pipe Bending, Pipe End Forming and Assembly.

In CNC pipe bending department, there are 12 CNC pipe bending machines capable of bending steel, copper, stainless, brass and aluminum pipes starting from 4.76 mm diameter up to 80 mm diameter.

And in pipe end forming department, end forming round, ring, diameter enlarging and reduction operations could be made by 13 end forming machines, and also starting from 4.76 mm diameter up to 80 mm diameter.

In our assembly department, rubber and metal combining of hydraulic hoses and pipes are executed with 13 presses.

Production is controlled in its every phases with three dimensional measuring device and 3 dimensional fixtures approved by quality control authorities.

Operators working in production are developed in technological and also in social areas with continuous trainings for the purpose of protecting our quality level worth of the name of Hızlanlar and for bringing it to better levels.
In our machining department;
  • Universal Milling, 1 piece
  • Universal Lathe, 5 pieces
  • CNC Lathe, 4 pieces
  • Automat With 6 Shafts, 1 piecet
  • Index ABC, 3 pieces
  • CNC process center, 1 piece
  • Surface grinding, 1 piece
  • Hydraulic presses, 6 pieces
  • Triple perforating, 1 piece/li>
  • CNC Wire erosion, 1 piece
  • Fast perforation, 1 piece
  • Automatic saw, 2 pieces
  • Tool sharpening, 1 piece
  • Transfer bench, 2 pieces
  • Spiral winding bench, 1 piece
  • Jigsaw, 1 piece

By the statistical works performed, banjo rings, center bolts, hose ends, brake heads, nuts and bushings, Cpks of lathes are continuously kept under observation and produced with great care.
Laser Cutting and Marking
Our Laser Cutting department is operating as a different company under the name of HIZLAN KESİM UYGULAMALARI LTD has been operating since 1996.
Hızlan Kesim Uygulamaları which has been providing service for many companies that made a brand in Turkish sector, as a pioneer on this field.
You may visit   www.hizlanlazer.com  for obtaining information related with Hızlan Lazer Kesim.
Design and Engineering
Project Department applications, design, drafting or CAD data sent by the customer are formed as 3D in Hızlanlar, tools that are required for manufacture are prepared as 3D in computer environment, also, in order to be able to catch up the form and dimensional nonconformance that could arise during production phase, control and welding fixtures for each part are also prepared in 3D computer environment and their manufactures are executed in processing center.